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Editorial Content 

As a contributor to multiple prominent national publications and online sites (more than 50 at last count), I cover everything from the sights and sensations of far-flung travel experiences to the latest innovations in consumer technology.  I bring to editorial projects an intuitive sense for getting the story right, the ability to turn projects around  quickly with exacting accuracy and an extensive list of global contacts, all developed writing for outlets such as The New York Times, Conde Nast Traveler, Delta Sky (Delta Airlines inflight), The Hollywood Reporter, Edmunds.com, Sierra magazine and others. Following are a few examples:


Conde Nast Traveler: A snapshot guide to a must-visit, cosmopolitan neighborhood in Santiago, Chile. (link)

Condé Nast Traveler: A street-smart overview of one of LA’s coolest, under-the-radar neighborhoods, Echo Park. (PDF)

Delta Sky: A “latest and greatest” five-page feature covering three hot LA neighborhoods I wrote for the 5-million circ. inflight magazine. (PDF)

Expedia.UK: Created content for new iPad travel app developed by Expedia.UK and British publisher Metro UK covering the latest and greatest experiences in Los Angeles. (PDF)

Exquisite Weddings: Honeymoon destinations boasting regal history give newlyweds the royal treatment. (PDF)

New York Times: A rare adventure to a protected island off of California’s Central Coast (Winner of the Eureka Award bestowed by
Visit California/California Tourism Authority). (link)

New York Times: An exploration of Cuba’s Bay of Pigs and other remote areas by sea kayak (The first-ever adventure travel piece run by the Times about Cuba). (PDF)

New York Times: The most isolated trek on the most remote populated island in the world is as much time-travel as it is an adventure. (Link)

Outside Magazine: Adventures with a Polynesian twist on Bora Bora’s epic lagoon

Robb ReportA journey to Bora Bora to experience the world’s fastest growing watersport, Stand up Paddle (SUP) with one of the island’s top aquatic athletes and trainers. (PDF)

Spa Magazine“A Passage to India” is an award-winning travel feature exploring India’s ancient wellness traditions through the country’s most celebrated spa retreats. (PDF)

Travel Channel: A survivors’ guide to LAX, the sprawling wonder that is the Los Angeles International Airport. (link)

TravelAge West: A deep dive into Adventure Travel’s newest frontier, Cuba, the Caribbean’s largest and most misunderstood island (PDF).

wandermelon.com: The global travel blog I co-founded and managed from 2007 to 2015 with three travel writing colleagues, wandermelon is an informative, entertaining and unbiased resource that combines the latest travel news, inspired articles and visual content. Although I have since left the site (kinda like Elvis leaving the building), I’m still very proud of what we achieved during the Wild West days of travel blogs.

Food, Wine & Spirits

Biltmore Magazine: The Art of the Cocktail is alive and well at Arizona’s prestigious architectural gem, the Arizona Biltmore hotel. (PDF)

Delta Sky: Who knew Santiago, Chile was a cocktail capital with its own bold, new spirit? Now you know too. (link)

Delta Sky:  An insider’s tour through LA’s burgeoning downtown cocktail scene and sneak peak into some of the city’s most noteworthy kitchens where LA’s top chefs are cooking up a new trend. (PDF)

Del Mar Escapes: A look behind the bar at one of the cocktail world’s most important trends, premium tequila and mezcal, for the custom luxury magazine created for villa owners in Mexico. (PDF)

Robb Report: Sake isn’t just for sushi anymore, and my write-up on the on the world’s best sake explains why.

Robb Report: A mystical journey with industry legend Ron Cooper navigating twisting roads through the hillside villages of Oaxaca, Mexico in search of the best mezcal in the world. This was one of the first articles written on the emergence of super premium mezcal (2009). Salud! (link)

Robb Report: The discovery of a rare cache of single malt whisky makes for a great yarn. (PDF)

The Hollywood Reporter: Surf’s up but so is the sophisticated fare now being plated in Oahu’s sizzling restaurant scene. (PDF)


Biltmore Magazine: Insights into the Frank Lloyd Wright-influenced cast-sand blocks and avant garde furnishings that remain a living legacy at the stately Arizona Biltmore. (PDF)

Robb Report: A design-focused look at one of Sun Valley, Idaho’s most prominent residences. (PDF)

Sierra Magazine: Off-the-grid sustainability meets up-market style at the Earthships enclave set at the foot of New Mexico’s Sangre de Cristo Mountains. (PDF)


The Hollywood Reporter: Behind-the-scenes look at the new wave of South Asian filmmakers taking the region’s cinema beyond Bollywood. (PDF)

The Hollywood Reporter: Insiders share their insights on the rise of documentary filmmaking and role of the International Documentary Association. (PDF)

Nihao (China Southern Airlines): Interview with Terence Chang, producing partner of “Mr. Hong Kong cinema,” John Woo. (PDF)


Robb Report: “Let’s do Launch” was one of the first reports on the dawn of space tourism. (PDF)

Showboat International: “The Long Ranger” navigates the seaworthy specs of an exploration-ready yacht built by a celebrated shipyard. (PDF)

Spa & Wellness

Spa Magazine: Exploring the increasing influence of Native America’s wellness traditions on spas across the US. (PDF)

Spa Magazine: A magical sojourn through India exploring the vast nation’s culture and traditional wellness practices offered at world-class spas and retreats. This feature earned me the “Best Foreign Journalist” award in 2011 from India’s National Tourism Board. (PDF)

Automotive/Consumer Tech

Edmunds.com: A round-up of the best navigation apps for your iPhone. (link)

Edmunds.com: A comprehensive look at the latest wave of driver-friendly smartphone apps designed by automakers ranging from Acura to Volvo. (link)

Edmunds.com: A road test of four traffic apps designed to get you from Point A to B without losing your patience — or sanity. (link)

Variety: An overview of car auctions such as Barrett-Jackson where dream machines are available to the top bidder. (link)

Variety: The latest modifications high-rollers are putting into their vehicles to create four-wheeled fantasies: the good, bad and illegal. (link)