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Projects update: (June, 2018) It only took 20 years and a half-dozen trips, but I finally got a high-profile publication to buy the type of story I have always wanted to write about Cuba. There have been some great pieces over the years on sipping mojitos in Havana and checking out the vintage American cars and cabaret shows. This ain’t that. My recent Cuba adventure feature for the New York Times went deep and outside the margins to the wild side of the largest island in the Caribbean, exploring the southern coast via sea kayak. The Times did a great job on the layout and  I think the words and images really take you to this less-traveled part of a very special place. Hope you enjoy the read!

Next up in September, my article on a new Chilean spirit distilled under the shadows of a volcano in Patagonia made solely from native botanicals will appear in Delta Sky’s inflight magazine. This spirit isn’t available in the US yet, but it’s coming soon and rest assured, it’s bien sabroso!

I’m also busy shopping  my spirits-meets-travel show that continues to bounce around to different producers, but as long as they want to take a meeting and buy me lunch, I’m good. Here’s the sizzle reel [link]. There’s also a couple of other travel and non-travel related projects that are in the development stage, so no need to get into that yet, details coming. I also want to take a second to look in the rear view mirror and share my favorite piece that I wrote in 2017 (technically it ran in late 2016, but I didn’t even see it till early 2017 and my editor said it got the most views then anyway. Sounds fair, right?). It’s been a dream since I was a kid to get to Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and I wrote this article for the New York Times to share a sense of true adventure, hopefully you feel the same way.




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