New & Noteworthy

Projects update: (December 16, 2013) Just back from an amazing trip to French Polynesia where I helped the creators of the Bora Bora Liquid Festival wrap-up another incredible event that is a one-of-a-kind celebration of watersports (SUP, outrigger and swimming) as well as Tahitian culture. I’m more than happy to be helping Stephan Lambert and his Tahiti-based team grow the BBLF’s profile here in the US. If you’ve ever had fantasies about traveling to Bora Bora, this is the ticket. I’m also busy writing new content for the Visit California online press room. I’m developing multiple press releases, story starters and other branded editorial materials covering topics ranging from wine & spirits to only-in-California stays. And I recently wrote my first iPad app! It’s a city guide to Los Angeles co-published by Expedia UK and Metro UK. I’m sharing part of it from their blog, I believe the full app will be ready soon. Hopefully a lot of Brits (and anyone else for that matter) will find it really useful for exploring the lesser-known, loved-by-locals elements of my hometown.